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Prescription Bound Chemical Substances (NCEs) OR New Value Added Prescription Products to in-license for the Nordic Market
Leiras Takeda Pharmaceuticals Finland flag Finland
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Leiras Finland is looking to in-license new prescription products for the Nordic region including Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
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Leiras Finland is looking to in-license new prescription bound chemical substances (NCEs) OR new value added prescription products to in-license into to the four key Nordic markets; Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The five key therapeutic areas of interest to Leiras Finland are; 1) respiratory diseases 2) pain management 3) oncology diseases 4) cardiovascular health and 5) metabolic diseases.

The general requirements for new prescription products are:

1) product is developed at least up to phase III, or NDA ready, or NDA has been submitted
or even Marketing Authorization granted
2) new drug does not require TAKEDAs participation / commitment on new Clinical Trials
3) new drug serves unmet medical need
4) new drug has patent coverage available for number of years ahead
5) drug is directed mainly to specialist.
6) products are delivered in final packages and released in EU by supplier



Type of Business Relationship Sought

Leiras is looking to source products for the Nordic region through in-licensing agreements.

Last Updated Aug 2014
Technology Type
Phase of Development CLINICAL TRIALS

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