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A Blood Borne Biomarker Test for Predicting Cancer Patient Response to Broad Spectrum Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
University of York United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
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We have discovered a combination of biomarkers in blood that provide the basis for a scoring system that stratifies cancer patient groups receiving broad spectrum tyrosine kinase inhibitors into responders, non-responders and early toxicity
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For certain cancers, the first and/or second line of treatment includes broad-spectrum tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) such as Sunitinib, Pazopanib and others. Some patients are unresponsive to these inhibitors and others experience toxic effects that are so severe that treatment with the drug has to be stopped. Prediction of TKI-refractory disease or toxicity would expedite transfer of patients to other avenues of treatment that might offer better prospects, along with avoiding the continued use of expensive medication in futile circumstances.

A pilot study at the University of York has produced data indicating that the application of a scoring system derived from the measured levels of expression of a particular combination of circulating biomarkers can be used to predict responses of individuals receiving a broad spectrum TKI for the treatment of at least one type of cancer. Based on the same biomarkers, alternative scores have been developed to segregate individuals likely to experience early toxicity.

Stratification of groups receiving targeted cancer therapeutics in a manner that segregates probable responders from non-responders and from those likely to experience toxicity is of significant value in a conventional clinical setting and in designing clinical trials.
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Enquiries are invited from companies wishing to engage in collaborative projects to further develop and refine the test and to examine applicability to a range of cancer types for which TKIs might be used. Straightforward licence deal propositions will also be considered.
Last Updated Sep 2014
Technology Type DIAGNOSTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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