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Next Generation E-Cigarette with Proven Competitive Advantages
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A unique and patented next generation Electronic Cigarette with a 100% sealed tank design affording consistent dosing, fewer contaminants and a longer shelf life, the technology is compatible with a medical registration.
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Our client has developed and patented a next generation Electronic Cigarette. Utilizing a sealed tank design this next generation E-Cigarette boast clear competitive advantages over current models on the market, is patent protected and delivers a highly consistent flow, so is compatible with a medical registration.

Unlike current generation devices our client's "tankomizer” system uses a 100% sealed tank design; resulting in the E-Liquid staying pure as it does not mix with heated wires or soldering points containing lead, the E-liquid does not come into contact with any chemical fibres, sponge or chemical insulating materials and does not have contact with the steel shell.

The tankomizer design produces a consistent dose for the user, ensuring the same amount of E-Liquid is inhaled from first to last puff, unlike current generation designs.

The tankomizer design affords a longer shelf life of 3-5years rather than just a few months as with competitors.

The tankomizer design is quicker and cheaper to manufacture than competitors via an automated process.
Last Updated Apr 2017
Technology Type MEDICAL DEVICE
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE
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