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New Color-changing, Printable Button Allows a Precise Timing Mechanism to be Printed Directly Onto Packaging or Medical Devices
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Sun Chemical has invented a new reversible piezochromic technology useful for timing medical treatments. The printed device changes color and reverts after a precise and customizable duration. The device can be printed at an extremely low cost.
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Description of Technology
This piezochromic button can be printed on to medical devices, packaging, or medicine containers to provide customers or medical professionals with a simple, intuitive, and built-in timing device. Simply pressing on the printed surface causes the device to change color. After a precise amount of time, the device reverts to its original color.

The colors and timing of the device are customizable at the time of manufacture and manufacturing costs are extremely low: just a few cents.

The device provides a distinctive visual cue for precise timing which is easy to understand and intuitive for consumers and medical professionals alike. It also reduces the complexity of medical procedures by removing the need for another separate timing device.

The color change duration can vary from 2 hours.

View the piezochromic device in action on a soap dispenser:

Watch how the center circle turns from red to clear after 30 seconds.

This unique and striking visual effect will stand out to consumers and leave a lasting impression.

Competitive Advantages

* Inexpensive compared to mechanical or electronic devices

* Completely safe

* Can be affixed via a pressure sensitive adhesive or printed

* Can be recognized and operated by the general public

* Will work with a variety of magnetic pigments and other pigment blends

* Precise timing

* Highly functional

* No regulatory barriers

* No change to product

* Creates a unique and “high-tech” product with a competitive and marketing advantage

* Can also be used as a packaging security feature to help prevent product counterfeiting

Example Applications:

* Drug Delivery Patches – How long to leave the patch on.

* Contact Lens Cleaning Solutions –How long leave contacts in the solution.

* Discretionary medicines with minimum intervals between doses –How long before another dose can be taken if symptoms persist.

* Surgical Adhesives – Curing time

* Assays or Diagnostic kits – Optimal reaction time

* Dental treatments such as fluoride / Toothpaste tubes / Denture soaking / Mouthwash - How long to continue the treatment.

* Skin care products such as masks – How long to leave the product on.

* Hot or Cold therapy devices – Maximum time to leave the skin in contact to avoid thermal injury.

* Alcohol hand spray / Hand Sanitizers – Minimum time to achieve sanitization.

* Any consumer or healthcare professional medicine or device that currently requires external timing.
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Seeking a licensee/licensees for this technology.
Last Updated Jun 2017
Technology Type MEDICAL DEVICE
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