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Comprehensive Integrated Testing Protocol (CITP) for Quantitative Measurement of Lung Function
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States flag United States
Abstract ID: 08-01
Infant Lung Function - Quantitative Measurement
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Comprehensive Integrated Testing Protocol (CITP) for Quantitative Measurement of Lung Function

Applications:  Comprehensive physiological integrated approach to precisely measure lung function in infants

The measurement of lung function (lung volume under various physiological conditions) is standardized in older cooperative children and adults, but not in infants. Further the measurement of lung function as a measure and diagnostic of pulmonary disease and lung capacity currently uses a single test called “dynamic functional residual capacity” which is dependent on the technical operator. New proprietary methods have been developed to yield a medical device and software that measures a range of pulmonary parameters. This medical device can precisely measure lung function and define quantitative end points to be set for measurement of disease or environmental impact or for measurement of therapeutic efficacy in infants. The clinical utility of this device has been demonstrated in the measurement of the lung volumes in healthy infants from age 8.6 to 119 weeks. This comprehensive integrated testing protocol (CTIP) enables the development of sensitive and reproducible outcome measures for clinical studies and environmental parameters in infants, young children and adults. In addition this protocol makes possible for the first time clear diagnostic parameters for the therapeutic and medical management of pulmonary disease in infants.

The true measure of lung capacity is a combination of dynamic and static lung volumes. The present technology is a commercial system that measures lung volume and rapid thoracoabdominal compression (RTC) in one step. This device for the reliable comprehensive measurement has been developed for the routine assessment of infant lung function. This diagnostic process can be used in cooperative patients to monitor the impact of therapeutic intervention or the environment.

Patent Pending - US-2009-0131811-A1 published 5/21/09

Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology 170 (2010) 123 - 140

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