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MASH - Multiple Angle Switched HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for Precise and Localized Drug Delivery
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States flag United States
Abstract ID: 08-25
Precise and focused control of temperature mediated therapy and “triggering” deliverables in situ.
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An ultrasound ablation device is described that is capable of “triggering” heat-activated therapies or ultrasound-activated drug delivery events in an intact tissue or organ. In addition this ultrasound ablation device is capable of destroying diseased tissue in small inoperable regions or sensitive areas with speed and precision.

The invention involves the use of multiple ultrasonic probes that, by rapid and variable duration switching provide a focused point of controlled heating of the target tissue. The primary novelties are the switching and the ability to shape the focused site in spherical form that allows precise and focused control of the non invasive ablation event.    

The invention is a multiple-angle, switched, high intensity, and focused ultrasound device that uses two focused ultrasound transducers mounted in a frame so that the focal zones of the transducers intersect. Each of the transducers is independently driven from a radiofrequency (RF) generator that is controlled by proprietary software to deliver a working high intensity ablative signal at a precise point in tissue in a non-invasive surgical event.  The RF driving signal is switched so that no more than one transducer is operating at a time. This allows shaping the temperature distribution in the target area by overlapping thermal contributions of each transducer. Prototypes have been developed and studies are currently in progress to collect information for a regulatory filing and clinical studies.

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