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Pancreatic-Enteric Fistulary Catheterization System
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States flag United States
Abstract ID: 07-38
Surgical device, a catheter that enables a connection between the pancreatic duct and small bowel.
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This invention relates to a catheterization system designed to create dual sutureless connections between two normally separated spaces or organs in the human or animal body, particularly between the pancreatic duct and small bowel lumen. 

Researchers have created and tested a catheter that does not require the use of sutures or staples and provides a seal with significantly decreased risk of leaks or disruptions. The patent claims include the same type of connections between other sites within the abdominal cavity. 

This catheterization system is capable of forming dual sutureless anastomoses using two catheters connectable to one another. After the fistula heals, a dissolvable connection allows the catheters to separate one from the other and the separated pieces are extruded through normal bowel action. The two catheters may be connected in various ways.   

In one embodiment, a separate guide member may be used to pull a dissolvable suture through the first catheter. The suture is then attached to the second catheter and the suture may be used to pull the second catheter into contact with the first catheter so that the two catheters are closely connected by the suture. When the suture dissolves, the two catheters separate.   

In another embodiment, the first catheter has a section formed of a dissolvable mesh. The two catheters may be connected together by any of various types of connections. After a period of time, the mesh dissolves and allows the joined catheters to separate into two pieces. 

This invention improves the current standard of care for open and minimally invasive pancreatic surgery. It decreases pancreatic anastomotic leak risks, provides a technique to simplify minimally invasive procedures, decreases both operative times and complications, and prepares the launch of the next generation of laparoscopic procedures.  


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Seeking developmental and licensing partner to commercialize thses medical devices.
Last Updated Jun 2016
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