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Tracking and Analyzing Cancer Treatment and Progression Via the Analysis of Cytogenetic Abnormalities Using Gene Expression Profile Data
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States flag United States
Abstract ID: 11-19
A gene expression profile (GEP) model has been developed for predicting cytogenetic abnormalities and thus disease progression across various types of cancers using DNA copy number analysis
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Cytogenetic Abnormality (CA) following chromosomal rearrangement of aberrant combination events is one of the hallmarks of cancer and is commonly used as a diagnostic clinical marker to determine disease stage and to guide therapeutic intervention. Traditional testing techniques used to determine cytogenetic abnormality, such as FISH, chromosome banding analysis, or the recently-developed aCGH test, are expensive, time-consuming, or both. Conversely, the GEP diagnostic model developed at UAMS dramatically reduces cost and time for detecting cytogenetic abnormality while also providing for greater specificity of analysis and the resulting success of treatment. Although gene expression profile models are becoming more prevalent in clinical diagnosis and prognosis utilities, the present technology is unique in that it allows a gene expression profile to be a single data source for molecular diagnosis/prognosis for cancers, thus resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective method of analysis.

Recently completed laboratory studies results have established the proof of concept and provided valuable data in combination with GEP analysis of cytogenetic abnormalities related to multiple myeloma, with average prediction accuracies as high as 0.90. Ongoing work and data collection is expected to expand the data set to other highly dangerous and common cancers. These predictive tests offer a unique opportunity to follow the course of proliforative diseases and the impact of different therapeutic interventions.  

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