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Immunotherapy for Warts
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences United States flag United States
Abstract ID: 10-09
Human papilloma virus type 57 (HPV 57) antigen in combination with Canada antigen elicits L1-specific T-cell responses and complete resolution of warts
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Combining a key HPV antigen with Candida results in a faster clinical response to common wart regression. Earlier clinical studies demonstrate safety and general clearance of warts.

It is estimated that treatment for skin warts accounts for 8.0% of visits to U.S. dermatologists. Many warts are self-limited and normally regress spontaneously within two years. However, most patients seek treatment prior to this spontaneous resolution. The many available treatments have variable results, are often painful, and need to be applied to each wart individually.

The present invention is a composition comprising an HPV peptide antigen linked to a Candida antigen, as well as a method of administering this composition to treat warts in an afflicted patient population. 

Studies show that this method of treatment provokes a safe immune response and clearance of HPV mediated common warts. This Immunotherapeutic method is an attractive and novel modality for treating the common wart because it also (a) produces a systemic immune response that is effective in causing regression of distant untreated warts and (b) also prevents recurrence.

Incorporating the HPV 57 L1 peptide with Candida offers a new treatment option for common warts with enhanced immune response that promotes a faster wart regression.

Clinical studies are currently being organized.

This combination appears to be superior to known, single-antigen therapeutics (Candida, Trichophyton or Mumps) for the treatment of skin warts.

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Related technology: U.S. Patent 6,350,451 (Type IV); U.S Patent Application 12/077,508 (Type IV); U.S Patent Application 12/450,586;

Other active disclosures: 05-13 (06-06); 08-06; 08-07


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