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Proteopedia was the winner of the 2010 TheScientist \"Best Science Website\" Labby Awards
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A wiki-based resource for sharing structural information of biological macromolecules. The information gleaned from structural biology studies is critical for understanding biological processes, and can facilitate drug discovery and design. A wealth of protein structures has been solved in recent years; however, three-dimensional structures are often hard to comprehend, making them less accessible to non-structural biologists. There is therefore an unmet need for a common resource that would make three-dimensional structures easier to understand, permit linking of function to structure, and at the same time simplify the sharing of structural information. The outlined technology is a web-based collaborative encyclopedia that displays protein structures and other bio- macromolecules in an interactive format.


    • Proteopedia enhances the scientific community's ability to communicate complex three-dimensional information. 

    • Educators and lecturers can create interactive three-dimensional lecture slides, worksheets and quizzes using Proteopedia user-friendly editing tools. 

    • Supplementary material for scientific papers discussing three-dimensional macromolecular can be created with Proteopedia. 

    • The field of structure-aided drug design can greatly benefit from Proteopedia, as three-dimensional representations of drugs and their cognate targets can be better appreciated and understood using this resource.


    • Proteopedia is freely accessible to all users without the need for downloading and installing any software.

    • Adding content to Proteopedia is performed via simple-to-use authoring tools.

    • Proteopedia contains a page for every entry in the Protein Data Bank (>75,000 pages).

    • The content in Proteopedia is not restricted to PDB structures. Contributors can upload their own coordinates, experimental or theoretical models.

    • Proteopedia links text with interactive three-dimensional views of molecules and molecular complexes, including functional sites and ligands.

Technology's Essence

Proteopedia is a wiki-based web-resource that has been designed to address what is missing from structural biology: a mechanism for presenting three-dimensional structures in an intuitive, easier to understand, a linking of function to interactive three- dimensional structure visualization, and a simplified sharing of structural and functional knowledge (a wiki is a resource or website where users can edit the pages in the website using simple text-editing tools). This resource is a tool for all scientists who need to utilize three-dimensional structural information in their research, as well as for educators requiring a medium for compelling presentation of structure-function relationships.


Last Updated May 2016
Technology Type RESEARCH
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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