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Effect of IAA(Indole-3-acetic Acid) and Photo Dynamic Therapy for Treatment of Acne_LG Life Science, Ltd.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Spread of IAA in the face and then light LED light device(green light), activated IAA inhibit of sebum secretion, skin pore occlusion and have bacteriocidal effect.
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Provide all supporting literature and research studies, publications, protocols, and analytical assessment.

Please separate data into:

o        Mechanism of Action/s (MOA) : Free radical formation after irradiation of IAA with visible light(Green Light) and inhibition of sebum secretion, Baceriocidal effect, inhibition of skin pore occlusion.

o        Chemistry/Characterization data :

 * IAA   -  Plant Auxin

            -  Cosmetic ingredient used in anti-aging product



    ? PDT (Green Light)


Activated IAA



Free radical formation  : 1) inhibitor of sebum secretion

                                                  2) Bacteriocidal effect (P.acne and S.aureus)

                                                  3) Inhibitor of skin pore occlusion

o        In vitro bioassaydata, In vivo testing (Laboratory, Animal, and Human Clinical Studies)


1.  Free radical formation after irradiation of IAA with visible light

2. Colony count reduction of P. acnes after IPL activated IAA treatment

3. Colony count reduction of S. aureus after IPL activated IAA treatment

4. Free radical formation of IAA gel and IAA solution after irradiation with visible light on day 1, day 20 and day 45


o        Clinically tested

§  Study design? (number of subjects, duration of the study/ies, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, case controlled, etc.)

1) Title

 : Effect of IAA and Photo dynamic therapy for treatment of acne

2) Object

 : Observation of effect of Light-activated indole-3-acetic acid by Green Light diode light in acne.

3) Research Institute

: Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

4) PI

: Kyoung-chan Park,MD. (Dermatology)

5) Subject

: The person with lots of acne over age 15 was not application to subject exemption criteria.

6) Procedure

 : Once a week, for 5 weeks

7) Effect and Safety Estimate Method

  7-1) The change of sebum excreted by sebumer check

  7-2) The change of erythema by Mexameter check

  7-3) The change of number of inflammatory papule, node ana acne.

  7-4) The change of skin elasticity by cutometer check

  7-5) The change of QOL(Quality of Life) by survey


§  Total number of clinical studies completed? Total 25 case

§  Percent response rate? 20 case finish / Total 25 case

§  Dose and delivery form used in the study/ies? IAA 3ml,1mM

o        Published or not published, and in which journal/s? Be preparing.

o        Recommended Delivery form/s? gel

o        Recommended dose/s? (mg per day) 3ml/week

o        Collaborating Organizations, professors or University Affiliations

: Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Kyoung-chan Park,MD. (Dermatology)

o        Conclusions from the studies

: This research is expected to be completed by the end of May,2010.


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KR1020070065046, KR1007734750000
Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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