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Ob-X (anti-obesity Functional Food)
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Ob-X is composed of herbal extracts, and reduced body and adipose tissue weight and number and size of lipid vacuoles in the liver in animal studies; reduced body weight, waist circumference and visceral fat in human studies
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Ob-X, composed of anti-angiogenic herbal extracts, targets adipose tissue. Adipose tissue growth is angiogenesis dependent and Ob-X inhibited adipose tissue growth.


The mode of action is the inhibition of angiogenesis by inhibiting MMP. Ob-X also increases the fatty acid oxidation and energy expenditure by inducing mRNA expression of acyl-CoA oxidase in the liver and uncoupling protein 3 in the muscle of high-fat diet induced obese mice.


Ob-X reduced body weight and white adipose tissue in both ob/ob mice and high-fat diet induced obese mice. The number and size of lipid vacuoles in the liver in both types of mice were decreased by Ob-X treatment.


In a preliminary human trial, 16 women with waist circumference exceeding 80 cm were included in this study without changing their life style. Ob-X showed reduction of waist circumference and waist to hip ratio after 4 months of treatment without any exercise or diet


In another human trial of Ob-X with 25 people the body composition was changed when comparing before and after intervention. Body fat loss and weight loss were observed while lean body mass increased after 12 weeks of treatment with Ob-X. Reduction of body fat was analyzed by computed tomography and Ob-X showed significant reduction in the lower abdominal area, especially visceral fat.


The company has started to market Ob-X in dietary fiber products (AngioLab Slim 24 dietary fiber--powdered form, and AngioLab Ob-X dietary fiber--tablet form). Fiber aids weight loss by limiting sugar absorption.

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