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Preparation of GABA and Low Molecular Weight Oligosaccharides by Fermenting with Marine Algae_Marine Bioprocess Co., Ltd
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Preparation of GABA and low molecular weight oligosaccharides by fermenting with Marine Algae
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Proposal Abstract

Our technology is able to produce natrual GABA in high yield by directly cultivating and fermenting M/O with marine algae. Now, we are confirming a variety of function and effect of natural GABA as follows;preventing or treating hangover/reinforcement of concentration/Diet foods /Anti-Stress/Improvement of Liver functions/enhancing of Memory/Nervous Sedation/Lowering Blood Pressure.


Technology Overview


n Technology Platform 

  The core technology relates to a method for preparing a fermented seaweed product by fermenting with lactic acid bacteria and/or yeasts to induce the conversion of glutamate into gamma- aminobutyric acid (GABA) and the degradation of seaweed polysaccharides into monosacchariodes and oligosaccharides. Through the preparation method, fermented seaweed product, fermented seaweed powder and fermented seaweed seasoning can be obtained. According to the technology, GABA can be produced using natural glutamate as a main material, and In addition, unlike the prior art utilizing only an extract of seaweed, whole seaweed is used, and glutamate is continuously extracted in the processes of autoclaving and fermenting the seaweed, whereby GABA can be obtained in high yield.


n Background and unmet needs

  Because GABA is frequently found in germinated crops such as germinated brown rice, green tea, and crops such as Chinese cabbage roots, it can be orally taken. However, the content of GABA in these crops is low, and thus GABA in the amount required to exhibit physiological action is not easy to take from food. Therefore, technology for increasing the content of GABA is being developed, and the development of this technology consists mainly of the development of fermenting lactic acid bacteria that ferment the artificially added chemical MSG to convert the MSG to GABA. But It is a problem that monosodium glutamate (MSG) remains without being converted into GABA when GABA is produced using MSG as a main raw material according to the prior art.


n Discovery and Achievements


- mechanism of action: GABA that is a non-protein amino acid is a neurotransmitter present in the brain or spinal cord. It is known that GABA is a brain nutritional supplement which improves blood flow and increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, thus promoting brain metabolism and increasing brain memory. GABA is known to inhibit nervous activity, unlike glutamic acid that activates nerve, and this function has an important effect on the function and information processing of nerve cells. Particularly, GABA is known to determine direction-sensitive and angle-sensitive responses in the brain and control delicate motor functions. In addition, it is known that GABA is involved in suitably controlling the excitation of the brain to control abnormal excessive activity.


- indication(s) proposed for the compound(s): GABA is involved in the regulation of many physiological mechanisms in the human body, such that it acts to activate cerebral blood flow and to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, thus promoting the metabolic function of brain cells. Also, GABA is involved in the secretion and regulation of growth hormones and has the effects of lowering blood pressure, alleviating pain, tranquilizing mind, improving liver and kidney functions and inhibiting colorectal cancer.



- potency of the compound when given to animals, route of administration

   The GABA prepared by our technology prevent and/or treat liver-related diseases with decreasing GPT and γ-GT level, AST and ALT level and restoring liver tissue as shown in following figures.

Last Updated Aug 2017
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC

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