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Therapeutics for Pressure Ulcer_EyeGene Inc.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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EGT022 (human derived recombinant polypeptide) / Pressure sore
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EG-Decorin (compound name: EGT022), a topical ointment for pressure sore and diabetic foot ulcer, induces rapid repair of damaged capillaries. Thus, it promotes enhanced wound healings. EG-Decorin is majorly composed of human-derived protein ADAM-15 and repairs capillaries via recruiting the pericytes. EG-Decorin may be used with growth factor (GF); steroid may be added without GF to promote its efficacy.

In the molecular aspect, EGT022 is a RGD motif containing recombinant polypeptide from human derived protein ADAM-15. EGT022 has a molecular weight of 6.1- kDa and composed of over 58 amino acids.

EGT022 is an approved therapeutic agent for chronic ischemic disorders such as pressure sore and diabetic foot ulcer.

Development Summary

EG-Decorin induces accelerated wound closure and replacement of granulation tissue in pressure sore model induced normal, diabetic, steroid treated, and old aged mice.

EG-Decorin improves proliferative activities of epidermal cells in rabbit full-thickness ear wound model.

EG-Decorin does not induce skin contraction on the wound lesion during wound healing.

EG-Decorin improves microvascular disorders caused by ischemia-reperfusion cycles.

EG-Decorin promotes stabilization and maturation of impaired vessels in wounded lesions.

Expression system in Pichia pastoris and 250L production and purification process is established.


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Last Updated Jun 2016
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Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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