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Antimicrobial Peptide_Promeditech Lnc.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Antimicrobial Peptide
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Key Technology Highlights

? Singificant Antimicrobial Efficacies

A series of PMT-1185 peptides, shows remarkable antimicrobial activities which were verified in animal experiments using mice.


? Safety for Toxicity and Biocompatibility

In animal tests, lower biological toxicity or no side effects were observed for animals administered with PMT-1185 peptides.


? Plentiful Animal Data

Many animal data for antimicrobial activities of PMT-1185 peptides have been already obtained, permitting the speed of the product development to increase.


? Veriaty of The Peptides Use

PMT-1185 peptides may be applied for diabetic foot ulcers, Mucositis, catheter infection and pimple.


Technology Overview

Technology Platform: The core technology of Promeditech is to provide promising antibiotics peptide, a series of ‘PMT-1185' peptides. The PMT-1185 peptide exhibits potent antibacterial activity against gram positive and negative strains, good safety with very low hemolytic activity and favorable advantages such as drug absorption and drug transport due to their advantageous structural property, which can be useful as a potent anti-bacterial or anti-fungal agent.

Background and unmet needs: Since antibiotic peptides kill bacteria by acting on bacterial cell membrane and destroying the membrane selectively, the mechanism of antibiotic peptide is quietly different from that of the existing antibiotics and is valuable as alternative proposal for overcoming resistance problems. Furthermore, since the antibiotic peptides have broad spectrum of anti-microbial activities for gram-positive microbe, gram-negative microbe, fungus, virus and tumor cell and is natural substance isolated from natural resource, it is expected to be a good antibiotic showing no side effect. Additionally, expected to have great advantages in respect to drug absorption, drug transport etc. However, in spite of the above advantages of antibiotic peptide, there remain several problems, such as structural stability, bulky M. W. etc, in developing anti-biotic peptide as a drug, the big problems of antimicrobial antibiotics are stability and molecular weight.

Discovery and Achievements: PMT-1185 of Promeditech has been developed on the basis of findings that the antibiotics peptide derived from Gaegurin 5 isolated from Korean frog and has excellent antibiotic activity. The the antibiotics peptide is designed by systemic peptide engineering using Gaegurin 5 isolated from Korean frog (Rana rugosa), which have smaller structure compared with previously known Gaegurin peptides and shows potent antiiotic activity. Specifically, the antibiotic peptide of the present invention synthesized from the shortest length of Gaegurin named Gaegurin 5 among Gaegurins

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Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type RESEARCH
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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