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Supply SPF Micro-pigs®, CRO Services for GLP Studies Using Micro-pigs®
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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PWG has various business portfolios to supply SPF Micro-pigs®, CRO services for GLP studies using Micro-pigs®, development of specific disease models, and bio-products such as artificial organs and cells.
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Executive Summary

Established in 2001, PWG Genetics Korea, Ltd. (“PWG” or “the Company”) is a market leader of the specific pathogen-free (SPF) laboratory animal industry to assist biomedical research and bio artificial organ research with state of the art technology in the fields of genetics and molecular breeding technology.  PWG has various business portfolios to supply SPF Micro-pig®s, CRO services for GLP studies using Micro-pig®s, development of specific disease models, and bioproducts such as artifical organs and cells.  PWG established a joint company with Singapore and has a global network for marketing.  PWG has plans to penetrate into foreign markets through joint ventures and its own marketing network with its excellent technology and animal models.

PWG’s R&D center was created in March 2004, and leads developments and commercializations of new technologies, performing preclinical and clinical experiments in medical technology deveopment processes together with medical schools and research centers in the USA, Canada, Singapore and other contries.  PWG’s R&D center certifies the SPF condition of Micro-pig® and has developed the biomedical products orginated from Micro-pig®.  All research conforms with the guidelines of the OECD, Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, Canadian Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as the United States FDA.

PWG intends to enter into a technology transfer or licensing transaction with respect to Micro-pig®(‘the Transaction’). Terms of the Transaction are not set, and interested parties may further discuss the parameters should they wish to enter into an agreement.

Key Technology Highlights

Strict SPF barrier systems

Micro-pig®s are raised under strict SPF barrier systems and microbiologically well defined conditions in order to follow modern developments in laboratory animal science. Micro-pig® has the following features:

    Downsized and customized as a laboratory animal model

    Purpose-based breeding system

   Microbiologically defined SPF animal  

    Broad application

Micro-pig® can be applied in various kinds of biomedical research such as xenotransplantation study, dental study, dermal study, laparoscopy study, pharmacology and toxicology for cell tissue organs research, new materials research (biomedical care), genomic research, bio-medical research, clinical research, functional materials (aging-inhibitors, immunopotent obesity-inhibitors) research, and stem cell research.

    Patent protection

PWG filed the technology with respect to Micro-pig® with KIPO (the Korean Intellectual Property Office) on July 4, 2005 and the patent application was registered on September 20, 2006 as Patent Number KR 10-0628700.

Company Description:


    CEO: Jin-Woo Kim

    Established: July 2001

    No. of Employees:  

    Capital: US$ 5.6 Million

    Joint venture: PWG Genetics Pte. Ltd. in Singapore

Company History:



Created nuclei of SPF Micro-pig®s


Company established


Completed construction of research center/production facilities, started to sell disease model Micro-pig®, and built technology research institute


Established R&D Center


Completed the development of separation technology for pancreatic islet cells in Micro-pig®s


First Korean company to export large volumes of SPF Micro-pig®s to Biopolis in Singapore


Established joint company with Singapore (PWG owning 70% of shares)


Extracted Micro-pig®s cells for the first time in Korea and completed the construction of transplant laboratory (in Asan Medical Center)


Completed construction of KGLP/KGMP based on the standard of the Korea Food & Drug Administration


Acquired patent for the mass production technology for pathogen-free pigs (patent no. 10-0628700)


Agreed to develop the world’s first atlas of pathogen-free pigs for biomedical use (BSF, Biopolis in Singapore)


MOU with BSF of A*STAR to co-develop a Micro-pig® histological atlas


MOU with M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to Co-Develop a Micro-pig cancer model


Type of Business Relationship Sought
Last Updated Aug 2016
Technology Type RESEARCH
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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