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Cordyceps Militaris Cultured On Germinated Soybeans_LeeonIPL
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Cordyceps militaris cultured on germinated soybeans
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- Cordyceps militaris is a kind of fungus that grows parasitically on insects such as silkworms and cicadas, using the insects for nutrition.  It is known to have effects of enhancing stamina and immunity, improving liver function, enabling recovery from fatigue, etc.


[Cordyceps militaris collected in nature]

- Currently, in the Orient, Cordyceps militaris is being used in various categories of food products, including food additives, health foods and alcoholic beverages.

- However, Cordyceps militaris has the disadvantage that it must be cultured on dead insects.


 This technology relates to Cordyceps militaris obtained by inoculating and culturing Cordyceps militaris mycelia on germinated soybeans (hereinafter referred to “Cordyceps militaris/germinated soybean”)


o    The raw material which is obtained by this technology has characteristics in that it contains all active ingredients obtainable from soybeans and Cordyceps militaris and, at the same time, does not cause revulsion among consumers, because Cordyceps militaris is not cultured on an animal host.


o   Cordyceps militaris/germinated soybean enables a new health food to be prepared using, as a growth medium, soybeans, which are known to have an excellent effect on the prevention of adult diseases such as hypertension and obesity; while Cordyceps militaris is known to act as a strong tonic (energy enhancer).


o   Cordyceps militaris/germinated soybean contains large amounts of novel physiologically active substances resulting from the binding of two health foods, soybean and Cordyceps militaris, and thus has various effects, including an allergy prevention effect and the effect of increasing human immune activity (particularly antiviral activity).


o   Cordyceps militaris/germinated soybean is produced by a standardized process, and thus is easily supplied in large amounts.




Cordyceps militaris/germinated soybean can be introduced into products, including drinks, functional foods and capsule nutritional supplements, which enhance functionalities such as allergy prevention and increased immune activity.

Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type PLATFORM
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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