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Use of Inhibitors of Leukotriene B4 Receptor BLT2 for Treating Human Cancers
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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The strategy targeting BLT2 overexpression or over-activation as a way for developing therapeutic composition against human cancer....
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Significant use as a target for treating human cancers, Plentiful Animal Data , Application for treating human cancers

The core technology of Korea University is to provide promising use as inhibitors of leukotriene B4 receptor BLT2 for treating human cancers. With the technology platform, they succeeded in developing inhibitors of leukotriene B4 receptor BLT2 for treating human cancers.

Background and unmet needs: Most studies of Leukotriene B4 (LTB4) receptors have focused on BLT1, which is expressed exclusively in inflammatory cells such as leukocytes, and plays a role in inflammatory processes. And no clear physiological function has yet been identified for BLT2. In particular, the role of BLT2 in malignant transformation remains to be elucidated.  

And a multitue of approaches and researches have been made to prevent and treat human cancers, such as bladder, prostate, pancreatic, and breast cancer and so on but have difficulty in find effective carcinostatis substance.

Discovery and Achievements: In considering shortcomings associated with current a pharmaceutical composition and a method for treating human cancer, we are urged to conclude that our ‘inhibitors of leukotriene B4 receptor BLT2' takes a giant step to control cancers.

We discovered that the role of BLT2 as a survival factor of human cancers, such as bladder, prostate, pancreatic, and breast cancer and found that the BLT2 inhibitors can be used as anti-cancer drugs. Our results showed BLT2 has an important role in metastasis of cancer cells and angiogenesis of tumor and demonstrated that the anti-cancer activity of the BLT2 inhibitors is accomplished by inducing the apoptosis of cancer cells, inhibiting the metastasis of cancer cells, or inhibiting the angiogenesis of tumor.

Key features and advantages:

                     (a)  Significantly increased efficacies

(1) inducing apoptosis of cancer cells,

(2) suppressing metastatic potential of cancer cells,

(3) blocking angiogenesis of cancer cells.

(4) a novel strategy for screeing BLT2 signaling inhibitors by measuring the cell growth of Rat2-BLT2 stable cells.

(5) the novel observation of BLT2 overexpression in various human cancers, which is a critical phenomena in tumorigenesis.

(b) Little or no side effects

A pharmaceutical composition comprising BLT2 Inhibitors and a method using BLT2 inhibitors act exclusively on oncogene, in particular Ras oncogene and inhibit only growth of oncogene.

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Last Updated Jun 2016
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