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Medical Photographing Apparatus for Blood Vessel Image_DONGGUK UNIV.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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The core technology enables the vascular angio unit with the features of furnishing the photography part taking the images of the blood vessels of a body
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The core technology of Dongguk University enables the vascular angiography unit with the features of furnishing the photography part taking the images of the blood vessels of a body by using the light provided with the near-infrared ray passing through the body or being reflected from the body in the other side facing toward the side of the system unit having the lighting part irradiating the near-infrared. The lighting and photography parts that are the basic components for vascular angiography are installed opposingly.

Background and unmet needs

A reconnection operation patient needs to take a regular medical examination on the vascular connection status after operation. However, it causes difficulties in time and cost for MRI or CT shooting and has an disadvantage of causing a side effect. Moreover, since large hospitals possess the most of MRIs and CTs and the quantity is small compared to the number of patients, it takes a lot of the waiting time for shooting and costs a lot of diagnosis expenses. Hence, preventing the vascular disease requiring a steady observation causes difficulties in time and cost.

The invention introduces the angiography unit with the near-infrared lighting and the near-infrared camera and is the small angiography unit with which the blood vessels of fingers and toes can be observed.

Discovery and Achievements

In general, a contrast medium is used during the MRI or CT shooting. Hence, it may not exclude the possibility of causing a side effect or leading up to death in an extreme case. However, the proposed medical angiography unit has no side effect.

MRI and CT requires the long waiting time for a diagnosis, needs a lot of expenses, and generates a worry about the side effects of frequent diagnoses. On the other hand, the proposed medical angiography unit can be used to conveniently and easily shoot vascular images. It has no side effects of frequent diagnoses so that it can be used for the regular examination, diagnosis, and treatment to prevent the vascular diseases such as Buerger's disease and Raynaud's phenomenon. Furthermore, a rheumatic disease can be prevented through the early discovery of a connective tissue. Moreover, it can be used to decide whether the reconnection operation is done well after the reconnection operation after the accident with a finger or a toe severed so that the secondary side effect caused by the incorrect vascular connection can be prevented in advance by checking the vascular connection status.


Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type DIAGNOSTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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