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Low Concentration Hypochlorous Acid Producing Technology_Dolki Korea LTD.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Low Concentration Hypochlorous Acid Producing Technology
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Technology Overview


Technology Platform

The core technology of DKL is to provide a method for generating low concentration hypochlorous acid by taking low voltage and current into electrode having a number of protrusion. The technology makes it possible to generate small sized chlorine bubbles for increasing solubility and to decrease pH value for increasing of generation efficiency hypochlorous acid 

Background and unmet needs

It has been believed that it is impossible to control the concentration of hypochlorous acid.  Free chlorine solution which is made by electrolysis has been applied for food and medical uses including skin antiseptic, however the application was very restrictive because of side effect with high concentration of free chlorine, weak antimicrobial effect and narrow antimicrobial range (skin disinfection only).  Therefore, virucidal, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal antiseptic to apply on human mucosa such as nasal cavity, oral and vaginal has been need.


Discovery and Achievements

DKL succeeded in minutely controlling the concentration of free chlorine, so 2-5ppm of free chlorine (hypochlorous acid) can be produced.  This concentration is lower than the standard of WHO which is allowed to disinfect drinking water and swimming pools (5ppm), so it can be applied for human mucosa and has no side effect and no residue.

Last Updated Aug 2017
Technology Type PLATFORM

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