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Preparation of Sweet Potato Pulp Anthracite Blended Briquettes_Biocoats Co., Ltd.
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Preparation of sweet potato pulp anthracite blended briquettes
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Our core technology is to prepare various product by changing mixing ratio with recycled material like sweet potato pulp and anthracite and has synergic effect on heat efficiency of pure anthracite. 

We produced briquette which is prepared by mixing sweet potato pulp and anthracite and performing compression molding using following technologies:

• Selection of cross-linker (plasticizer)

• Control to ratio of blending materials

• Control of temperature and moisture content in mixtures

• Encapsulation and nano-technology 

Our technology provides smoke-free and mesoporous briquette with high combustion power, is able to prepare various product by changing mixing ratio and manufacture temperature and time with sweet potato pulp and anthracite and has synergic effect on heat efficiency of pure anthracite and reduces cost of preparing briquette by preparing at relatively low pressure and temperature. For the sake of cost-down(save-energy), we use the plasticizers which are to make the new structure of products with rigid or weak linkage between SPP and another materials. 

Background and unmet needs

Anthracite coal is a principal source of metallurgical coke, and is a preferred domestic and commercial solid fuel due to its consistent size and hardness of lumps, very high carbon content, high heating value, low volatility, low ash, and especially low sulfur content. The value of anthracite as a fuel is particularly enhanced by its uncontrolled low sulfur stack gas emission. Anthracite is the solid fuel of choice in the United States, and, more often, in the Far East, for certain space heating, cooking, stoker boiler, and metallurgical uses. Naturally-occurring clean-burning solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, and anthracite have limited availability in most parts of the world. Meanwhile, environment pollutions are world-wide concerns and there is need for new non-petroleum and low-carbon energy with low price fuels in energy industry. and there is a need of recycling of agricultural waste to clear environment.

Discovery and Achievements

Blended briquettes by prepared with our core technology have 5000~6000 kcal/kg, therefore are suitable for alternative fuel of coal.

Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type MEDICAL DEVICE
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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