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Cellophil® Biomedical Polymers - New and Superior Biomedical Polymers for Drug Delivery and New Standards in the Medical Device Industry
CIS Pharma AG, Switzerland Switzerland flag Switzerland
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Cellophil® is a platform of novel polymers based on side chain activated amino-acids. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility and can be loaded with drugs for controlled release.
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CIS Pharma has developed Cellophil®, a platform of novel polymers based on side chain activated amino-acids such as lysine, serine, tyrosine, cysteine, threonine and hydroxyl-proline, combined in different ratios with acrylics. The platform polymers show excellent biocompatibility by offering a good environment for cellular attachment without the need of peptide-based attachment sides e.g. RGD-motives. Shown biocompatibility of Cellophil® is superior to commonly used polymers and as high as collagen, a natural human polymer.

Cellophil® can be sterilized and was tested extensively for safety issues. The studies included intradermal reactivity, hemolysing potential, cytoxicity potential, allergenic potential, hyperemia, haemorrhage, coagulation and thrombosis. All studies confirmed the excellent biocompatibility of Cellophil® polymers. Responsible for this is the zwitterion structure of Cellophil® polymers which furthermore provides contact points for the attachment of therapeutics. These unique characteristics make Cellophil® polymers to a perfect device for drug delivery. Cellophil® systems can be loaded with active compounds of a wide range of molecular sizes from small molecules up to large protein-based drugs. The subsequently release kinetic of the so immobilized therapeutics can be varied by different coupling methods and the composition of the Cellophil® matrix.

A perfect example represent Cellophil® thermo-responsive polymers a special group of polymers that are liquid at ambient temperature and solid at body temperature. The transition is reversible and the transition temperature can be controlled. This thermo-responsive Cellophil® derivate provides a drug delivery platform for wound dressings with accelerated wound healing. Based on Cellophil® thermo-responsive polymers CIS Pharma has developed a non-invasive drug delivery system to carry active ingredients from the conjunctiva to the anterior and the posterior chamber of the eye for treatments of uveitis, AMD and others.

Cellophil® side chain activated amino acids are compatible with plenty of polymeric building blocks leading to any number of copolymers. Therefore the chemical and physical characteristics of the final product can be easily controlled and adapted to the need of our customers.

By the use of state of the art polymerization and coupling techniques we continuously expand the Cellophil® platform to discover new polymer architectures with applications in the field of nanotechnology, diagnostic and biomedicine. Our current developments include:

1) Drug delivery systems used in ophthalmology & dermatology

2) Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

3) Time controlled vaccine delivery

4) Novel contact lens materials & coatings

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Last Updated Feb 2018
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