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A Polypeptide Sequence for Diagnostic and Therapeutic of Hormone-Dependent Breast Cancer
Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium flag Belgium
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This invention is appliable in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers such as breast cancer, using a new diagnostic and therapeutic target peptide issued from the Estrogen Receptor alpha (ERα).
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This invention is situated in the field of medical applications, more specifically the diagnosis and treatment of cancers such as breast cancer, using a new diagnostic and therapeutic target peptide issued from the Estrogen Receptor alpha (ERα).

The present invention was built around the observation that a peptide issued from the breakdown of the ERα protein, containing regulatory sites of major importance, can be detected in the growth medium of the MCF-7 ERa-positive breast cancer cell line treated with estradiol. Interestingly, a synthetic peptide corresponding to the regulatory domain of this breakdown product displays a dual effect in breast cancer cells cultures, reminiscent of the behavior of partial anti-estrogens (SERMs): estrogen-like stimulating properties in absence of estradiol, apoptotic cell death when the hormone is not removed. Remarkably, this antitumor activity maintains in vivo: treatment of mammary tumors with this synthetic peptide significantly reduces their proliferation rate.

This present invention thus provides a new approach for diagnosing of ER alpha - positive breast cancers as well as a new modality for the treatment of the disease.


This new therapeutic approach will be suitable in the case of breast cancer resistances to classical anti-hormonal treatments. The polypeptide described here appears to be a valuable target for new treatments including immunotherapeutic strategies. Indeed, this polypeptide produced by hormone-dependent breast cancer cells when activated with estradiol, produces per se an increase of cell proliferation. Hence, targeting or blocking this polypeptide decreases breast cancer cells proliferation. Moreover, its administration under estrogen stimulation provokes tumors regression indicating a complementary therapeutic potency under such a condition.

For the diagnostic of estrogen receptor positive (ER- α positive) breast cancers, detection of this peptide is a completely new approach. An immunoassay aimed to quantify its concentration in sera and tissue samples is under investigation.



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