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Highly Pure Preparation of Human Corical Neurons
Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium flag Belgium
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This invention is a simple and efficient method to generate highly pure human, IPS cell-derived, cortical neuron preparations.
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Neurobiological diseases affecting the cortex, such as Alzheimer, epilepsy, mental retardation, ADHD and autism, are a burden for society. Yet, drug development is impeded by the lack of animal models recapitulating the clinical features of these diseases.

There is thus a need for models of human neurobiological diseases in support to drug development processes.


The team of Pr. Vanderhaeghen developed a simple and efficient method to generate highly pure human, IPS cell-derived, cortical neuron preparations.

High purity is achieved by adding a newly identified proneurogenic factor, BCL6, during in vitro neuronal differentiation of IPS cells.

This method may be used in combination with the patented method (WO/2009/024448), also developed by the team of Pr. Vanderhaeghen, to generate human cortical neurons and in vitro models of human neuronal diseases from IPS vitro neuronal differentiation of IPS cells.


A patented method to produce highly pure, well-defined and disease-relevant human cortical neurons to use as reagent in support to drug development processes .

KEY ADVANTAGES OF THE Description of Technology

Highly pure preparation of human cortical neurons

Differentiation into healthy cortical neurons

Differentiation into functional disease-relevant cortical neurons

MAIN PUBLICATIONS (related to this technology)
BCL6 induces neurogenesis through Sirt1-dependent epigenetic repression of selective Notch transcriptional targets. Tiberi, L., van den Ameele, J., Dimidschstein, J., Piccirilli, J., Gall, D., Herpoel, A., Bilheu, A., Bonnefont, J., Iacovino, M., Kyba, M., Bouschet T., and Vanderhaeghen P.
Nature Neurosci (2012) 15 : 1627-1635

An intrinsic mechanism of corticogenesis from embryonic stem cells. Gaspard N, Bouschet T, Hourez R, Dimidschstein J, Naeije G, van den Ameele J, Espuny-Camacho I, Herpoel A, Passante L, Schiffmann SN, Gaillard A, Vanderhaeghen P. Nature (2008) 455 : 351-357
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