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Point of Care Immunodiagnostic
Health Technologies at Strathclyde United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
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Immunoassay in a disposable cassette for rapid point of care testing
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Current approaches for the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic conditions or the detection of bacteria or viruses rely on immunoassay testing carried out at a central laboratory. This approach means a substantial time lag, delaying the patients course of treatment. The developed point of care device allows rapid screening for up to three components from a single sample. Meaning effective treatment can begin much sooner than is currently possible.??


Users place their sample on a disposable cassette that is combined with the detection system and receive the results a short time later, all in a single homogeneous step. Tailoring the cassette allows the device to be employed for a wide range of applications both in developed and developing countries.

Key Benefits

·         Small, inexpensive, PoC device?.?

·         Rapid analysis time.

·         Allows screening for multiple analytes.

Markets and Applications

·         Agriculture?detection of ochratoxins in rye or the levels of pesticides in water.?

·         Thyroid Function Testing - simultaneous detection of thyroxine, tri-iodothyronine & thyroid stimulating hormone.

·         Bacteria & Virus Detection - identification of the bacteria responsible in food poisoning cases.

Type of Business Relationship Sought

A commercial development partner is sought to accelerate the development of this technology??. 

Last Updated Oct 2013
Technology Type DIAGNOSTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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