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Nozohaem - Stop Nosebleeds in Moments!
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Nosebleeds are a pain and whenever the occur, they\'re also inconvenient and alarming.\r\nNow there\'s a cure. Nozohaem is an easy to use, safe and effective gel that stops nosebleeds in moments!
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Most people have had a nosebleed at some time in their lives. Recurring nosebleeds are reported by around four per cent of the population. A nosebleed (the medical terms is epistaxis) normally starts in Kiesselbach’s area, the front part of the nasal septum. The source of the bleed can also be found near the roof of the nose or further back in the nose. In rare cases, diffuse bleeds can occur and they are often triggered by illnesses, such as leukaemia.

Cause -

Nosebleed can have many different causes, either independent or working together.

Trauma to the nose and mucous membrane, picking the nose, changes in the mucous membrane in conjunction with colds, tumours, leukaemia and a deterioration in haemostasis caused by acetylsalicylic acid and warfarin.

Traditional treatment -

To date, the two methods that have dominated the treatment of nosebleed have been to clamp the wings of the nose or insert a wad of cotton wool. A doctor can burn away the bleeding blood vessel or apply a compression bandage in the form of a tamponade (gauze strips or a rubber balloon). Both methods are effective, but they can cause discomfort to the patient.

The active substance in Nozohaem is glycine, an amino acid produced by the body and used in the production of proteins. Proteins that use a great deal of glycine in their production process include collagen or connective tissue. Collagen plays an important part in enabling the blood platelets to function effectively and reduce bleeding.

Nozohaem has four interacting treatment effects:

- The gel exerts pressure on the bleeding blood vessel.

- The nasal mucosa “shrinks” because the gel is hypertonic. A hypertonic solution contains a higher concentration of soluble particles than an isotonic solution. As a result, normal cells that are placed in this solution equalise the difference in concentration through osmosis. The water flows out of the cell, thereby raising the concentration of substances in the cell and the cell then shrinks.

- Glycine facilitates the formation of blood coagulants (thrombocyte aggregation).

- Nozohaem also includes calcium, another substance that can be found all over the body and in the blood. Calcium facilitates the formation of blood coagulants.

Nozohaem contains no preservatives.

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