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Porous Titanium Compression Screw for Bone & Tendon Fixation
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Our invention consists of a porous titanium screw that will provide interconnected porosity for tissue through-growth and vascular supply, thereby increasing soft and bone tissue healing potential.
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In wrist fractures, the scaphoid is the most commonly fractured of the eight carpal bones. These fractures have a tendency to become avascular, due to the limited vascular supply, which may lead to bone necrosis. Standard of care consists of surgically inserting a titanium screw to join portions of the fractured bone, or external immobilization. Several large companies sell compression screws but none have developed a porous titanium compression screw.

Our invention consists of a porous titanium screw with cannula with continuous drive-detail and mating guide wire. Our titanium porous screw will address a number of current clinical issues by allowing bone and blood vessels to grow through its microporous, interconnected structure. This will in turn improve healing potential while maintaining appropriate compression levels required to facilitate union of fractured bone. Ultimately, our porous screw should reduce tissue necrosis, increase early strength of fixation, increase local, vital bone, and provide for improved clinical outcomes.

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Out-licensing or collaboration
Last Updated Jul 2017
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