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IGF Trap for Tumor Growth and Metastasis
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An IGF Trap is being developed to target IGF-1 levels that has shown efficacy in breast, colon and lung cancer....
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Breast cancer remains the most commonly diagnosed cancer, of which as much as 15% of cases are referred to as triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), which refers to those tumors which are negative for ER, PR and Her2 and it is an unmet medical need. The IGF-1 growth factor and its receptor (IGF-1R) is an axis that is validated as a cancer target, and to date almost a dozen IGF-1 targeting candidates have reached clinical testing. These include mAbs against the IGF-1R, mAbs targeting the human ligands IGF1/2, and inhibitors of the IGF-1R associated tyrosine kinases (TKs). Thus far, no approach has proven efficacious, primarily due to cross-talk and impact on insulin signaling pathways.

The technology in this opportunity, referred to as the “IGF-1R Trap”, is a decoy receptor for IGF growth factors and it has produced some remarkable results in preliminary animal modeling of various cancers.

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Last Updated Aug 2016
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