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Microparticle Entrapped Hydroquinone Provides Sustained Release Delivery to Skin in Topical Dermatological Applications
AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions, Inc. United States flag United States
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Microsponge® and Poly-Pore® microparticles entrap and high level of hydroquinone in formulations. Hydroquinone is released over time, extending the efficacy of skin lightening benefits.
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These proprietary microparticle delivery systems provide sustained release of hydroquinone, extending efficacy to improve uneven skin tone and/or hyperpigmentation.

Clinical studies have proven that products containing microparticle entrapped hydroquinone, in combination with entrapped retinol, provide greater efficacy in improving the appearance of skin tone. Additionally, this technology enhances the stability of hydroquinone in formulation reducing discoloration in finished product.

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Last Updated Jun 2016
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