Counterfeit and grey market products pose tremendous risks to both consumer safety and your business' bottom line. As an industry, what are we actively doing about it?

Now that the DSCSA deadline is looming, we want to bring the industry together to discuss quality through brand protections plans and heighten anti-counterfeiting strategies at: The 6th Pharma Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit.
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If you are interested in...
•    Enhancing your outreach of anti-counterfeiting resource deployment and allocation?
•    Conducting internal inspections with your QA unit to ensure integrity of your brand and improve anti-counterfeiting operations?
•    Establishing proactive measures to prevent global IP infringement and track the sale of counterfeit goods?

Then don't miss out on the opportunity to network with your peers whose sole purpose is protecting their brand and monitoring their products throughout the supply chain.

•    Eugene Hackett, Director, Global Brand Protection, Bristol-Myers Squibb
•    Judy Hsiung, Senior Director, Global Risk Management, OPDC
•    Chirag Shah, Director, Product Security & Supply Chain Risk, Sanofi
•    Ted Wasky, Global Director of Security, Cook Medical
•    Joseph Buerger, Global Product Security, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
•    Brad Elrod, Former Director, Global Conveyance Security, Pfizer
•    Dino Djelil, Serialization Process and Systems Integration Lead Architect, GlaxoSmithKline