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University of Arkansas (UAMS)
Dr. Michael Douglas
‘Pharmalicensing allows Universities to post as many licensing opportunities as they wish, and this facility has been a very beneficial aspect of the service for UAMS. Pharmalicensing has created numerous opportunities for us. For start-ups and tech transfer offices that have IP at an investable/acquirable point, Pharmalicensing provides additional exposure and introduces them to companies and organizations they would not usually be aware of’.
Cosmederm Bioscience, Inc.
Sean Edwards
“We have seen a significant amount of traction from our posts. Our profile on Pharmalicensing has especially opened a lot doors to foreign markets, which otherwise may have been hard for us to access. Pharmalicensing has provided us with significant deal flow that we feel will help grow our company. I would certainly recommend it to others that have a similar business model to ours”.
Phillips Company
Dr. Ayo Otiko
“The credibility of the company was the main reason closely followed by the excellent connections to the pharmaceutical industry the company has. The team at Phillips also favoured the idea of having a ‘middle-man’ in place, between themselves and any potential clients. I would 100% recommend Pharmalicensing to companies looking to out-license their pharmaceutical products. They are very professional, delivering what they promise at a rapid rate”.
Astex Pharmaceuticals
Dr Jeremy Carmichael
“Pharmalicensing is a well-known name in the industry as an online partnering tool which is why we first started to use the site. Pharmalicensing is generally regarded as one of the better sites in the industry to facilitate partnering. The service provides us with a convenient way to communicate our licensing opportunities to a wide audience”
Abiogen Pharma SpA
Giovanna Naldini
“There are so many companies out there and it is impossible to reach all of them, but by joining Pharmalicensing we have been able to make contacts that have been beneficial to us. Pharmalicensing has allowed us to advertise not only our company but our individual opportunities. Pharmalicensing is a good service with quick results”.
S3 Consulting
Dr Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego & Mr Dario Bortolotti
“Pharmalicensing are good guys for start-up companies particularly because of their support, time and patience. It was clear to us that they have a good reputation, and from the very beginning the team had a very forthcoming attitude which made it easy for us. We all feel that we can call on the team at Pharmalicensing any time we want, and this is what makes them so good.”
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