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Novel Transition Metal Cancer Chemotherapeutics Based Upon Ruthenium
University of York United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
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We have developed a class of high solubility ruthenium-based anti-cancer compounds whose mode of action is via transition metal cytotoxicity, with selectively greater accumulation in cancer cells than healthy cells.
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Our novel transition metal anti-cancer agents comprise ruthenium complexed with cis-cis-1,3,5- triaminocyclohexane (cis-tach). In in vitro assays, this molecular composition exhibits potent (sub micromolar) tumour cytotoxicity that is equivalent to, or better than platinum-based agents (e.g. carboplatin, oxaliplatin), but is anticipated to be well-tolerated by patients.

Furthermore, it offers markedly improved solubility when compared to existing ruthenium-based agents. Our technology thus overcomes significant problems associated with both platinum and ruthenium-based cancer chemotherapeutics.
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We are open to discussing options for working with a commercial collaborator, in the context of a pre-clinical development process. Stand-alone licence deal proposals will also be considered. We have samples of material that can be provided, upon request, for prospective partners to evaluate, using their own testing platform(s).
Last Updated Nov 2014
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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