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Public Health England United Kingdom flag United Kingdom
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PHE has an international reputation as experts in biosafety and can provide expertise, training and consultancy on dangerous pathogens to BSL4
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We are one of the UK's leading specialists in biocontainment, air microbiology and disinfection validation, with over five decades of experience in providing government departments and the commercial sector with expertise, advice and consultancy. We undertake independent testing of air filters and biocontainment equipment such as microbiological safety cabinets and centrifuges to international standards. We also test medical equipment (liquid and air integrity) and disinfection technologies (liquids, surfaces and air) for a range of sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceutical and space exploration. Commercial services for laboratory and medical equipment. Controlling the exposure to microbial contamination and preventing the release of biological agents, is critical in the healthcare and laboratory environments. We use our expertise in air microbiology and handling biological agents to provide a wide range of tests for laboratory equipment and medical devices. We are able to offer customers a range of tests either against established European Standards or we can offer a bespoke service to help and advise customers develop a bespoke protocol to best evaluate their novel or specialist equipment.
Last Updated Apr 2018
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