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Tetravalent Etanercept, Tetravalent Abatacept, Ultra-High Affinity EPO and Ultra-High Affinity TPO_MedExGen
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Tetravalent Ig-fusion Therapeutics
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The two proteins are expecting to lead global biopharmaceutical market. Those are Immunosuppressants and Cell stimulating cytokines &growth factors Our technologies are targeting these two proteins by using our novel potency and efficacy technologies. Functional Insufficiency of current therapeutic protein is the major cause of neutralizing antibody and the answer for this serious problem is in functional improvement of the protein drugs. There can be two ways of protein functional improvement, either by potency or efficacy technology. If our glycosylation technology is combined with either one of these technologies the therapeutic protein can be an even more powerful and longer lasting drug.

Our novel PROTEIN ENGINEERING technologies dramatically surpass the POTENCY and EFFICACY of today’s recombinant protein pharmaceuticals. Our technology of improving potency is good for blocking type proteins useful in immunological, inflammatory and oncological diseases or conditions. And another technology of improving efficacy is good for stimulating type cytokine proteins useful in hematological diseases or conditions. Once FDA approved, the various pharmaceutical applications of our technologies will dominate the immunosuppressive hematological therapeutics marketplace. chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, industrial fibers, feed, trade and environment. The Company’s food business is characterized by its sugar operations, consistently ranking second within the domestic market with approximately 30% market share.

Our potency technology is developed for cellular activity-blocking proteins, currently known as Immunoadhesin type therapeutics such as TNF Receptors types one and two, CTLA4, LAG3, and CD2 of which extracellular part fused to Fc portion of immunoglobulin. In our view Immunoadhesin is better than Antibody type drug.

For potency, our Concatameric Immunoadhesion technology dramatically increases the binding avidity of immunoadhesins to their targets more than 20 times, compared to known immunoadhesion technologies and pharmaceuticals. Fused to the immunoglobulin constant region, our unique serial duplicated soluble receptor methods and techniques have been comprehensively tested on various types of soluble receptors, including TNFR-1, TNFR-2, CD2, or CTLA-4. Remarkably increased blockade of cytokines or counterreceptors extremely decreases the end-user’s symptomatic ailments and drug administrations.

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Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC
Phase of Development CLINICAL TRIALS

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