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Anti-Cancer Agent(AG60), Anti-Hepatitis, Anti-Fibrotic Agent, Anti-BPH Agent, Anti-Hypertensive & Cholesterol Lowering Agent, Anti-Cataract Agent_Medvill
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) South Korea flag South Korea
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Anti-Atopic Dermatitis Cosmetics, Anti-Acne Cosmetics, Anti-Oxidants Vitaplus
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Anti-cancer agent




(AG60) --- chemicals







•      Patent registration:  Korea and US




•       Pre-clinical studies approval; KFDA(Korean Food and Drug Administration (IND)




- Mode of Action:




•        Inhibition of tumor cell proliferation




•        Suppression of transcription factors (NF-kB and AP-1)




•        Anti-angiogenesis




•        Induction of apoptosis



Anti-hepatitis, anti-fibrotic agent - plant extract







- Patent registered in Korea




- Patents are pending in China and Japan




  China is a big market (60% of population is infected with hepatitis B virus)




- Efficacy:




•       Inhibition of liver fibrosis




•       Anti-viral activities against Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus (in a several human cases)




- Mode of action:   




 Inhibition of TGF-b expression




Inhibition of collagen synthesis (type-I)




  Anti-viral activity:




Anti-inflammatory activity




  Immuno stimulating activity



Anti-BPH agent



- Patents resistered in Korea and US




- Patents are pending in UK, France and Gernamy




- Efficacy:




    Anti-inflammatory activity: carrageenin paw-edema test




    Analgesic effect: acetic acid writhing test, tail-flick test




    No lowering effect on blood pressure (in 12 weeks treatment in rats)  in therapeutic dose in man




    Effective in benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), chronic prostatitis, etc.




- Mode of action:




     Inhibition of a-receptor




     Inhibition of smooth muscle contraction: prostate and urethra specific activity (organ specificity )




     No effects on smooth muscles in stomach and bladder (muscarinic organ)     



Anti-hypertensive & cholesterol lowering agent



Patents registered in Korea and US




- Right for Utility model in Germany had been registered




- Efficacy:




    Lowering high blood pressure in SHR (Spontaneous Hypertensive Rat)




    Lowering blood cholesterol




    Lowering blood TG




    Improvement of HDL/LDL Ratio     




   - Mode of action :




     angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor




     Calcium channel blocker



Anti-cataract agent



- Patent is registered in Korea and US.








   - ex vivo test:  Effects on diabetic cataract (xylose induced cataract) in the organ culture by 50% suppression of the cloudy density.




  -  in vivo test: Inhibition of the cataract formation in diabetic rats. (oral administration for 12 weeks)




Mode of action:




  - Inhibition of aldose reductase (causing the increase in the osmolarity and in the oxicative stress of lens):    IC50 value = 11.3 mg/ml




  - Anti-oxidant activity: chemiluminescent oxidation reaction and better antioxidant effects confirmed as compared with vitamine C











Product in the market




















l  Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic activity in cell & animal model




l  Solutions for symptoms of Acne




l  Inhibition of Propionibacterium acnes




l  Including components for the removal of dead cells in epidermal layer




l  Differentiation of DDS (Day & Night Program) 




l  Natural products in worldwide cosmetics DB




l  Patent filed




l  Safety was confirmed



Anti-atopic dermatitis











l  used non-steroidal plant extract with outstanding efficacy to control the allergy and prevent the skin dry.




l  stabilizing mast cells and prevent the secretion of histamine from mast cells.





Last Updated Aug 2017
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC

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