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In order to, to achieve the most active action of body energy, it is known that pH of water-containing blood should be maintained at an alkaline of 7.35 to 7.45.
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The core technology of Mr. Sang Ik, YUN is to provide novel electron-volt energy radiator. The present technology is based on the finding that electron volt energy or electronmagnetic wave energy is radiated from electric wires, when the electric wires for electric/electronic products are connected to a power source, and therefore provides an apparetus for conversion of such electron-volt energy or electromagnetic wave energy into a biologically avialable form.

Background and unmet needs: Light wave-energy, i.e., light, is known to be a part an electromagnetic spectrum, and electron volt, a unit for measuring energy, is determined by calculating how much energy photon is acquired by a single electron in moving through a potential (voltage) difference of one volt, as stated in “ exploring the Spectrum” by Philip S. Callahan, the present inventor made an assumption that the light wave-energy, having weak synchronicity and emitted from the aforementioned biological energy projector (BEP), and the eletromagnetic wave, radiated from the electron-volt energy radiation apparatus of the present invention, will exhibit the same energy intensity and the same absorption phenomenon to the living organism (absorption by natural resonance). From the measurement of the energy radiated from the above-mentioned two apparatus using a multimeter and a biotron ray detector according to the same method and the pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of water to which the energy from the apparatus was applied, it was confirmed that the above-mentioned two apparatus provide the same effects.

Discovery and Achievements: The term “electron-volt energy” refer to the energy that is generated from two different electric wires having a potential difference therebetween while being not connected to each other and that is radiated to the outside. It has discovered that radiation of the electron-volt energy to the human body enhances the pH and electrical conductivity (EC) values of the blood and water in the body while not causing adverse side effects, which consequently leads to activation of body energy  and enhancement of immunity. Finally, the present inventor obtained the experimental data that makes it possible to anticipate beneficial effects such as blood-cleaning action, increasing of disease resistance and modulatory action of the autonomic nervous system, through the use of the electron-volt energy radiator of the present invention. The present invention has been completed based on there findings.

Key Features and Advantages:

(1) Conversion into Biologically Available Form

When the electric wires electric/electron product are connected to a power source, it may be lead electron-volt energy into biologically available form

(2) Body-Energy Activation

An electron-volt energy radiator has a function capable of activating energy of a living organism thereof, by increasing pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of water using a transparent PVC hose made of an insulating material and a stainless steel pipe made of a paramagnetic material.

(3) Immunity Effects

In particular, it is considered that immune function of the body against disease can be improved due to increased proportion and activation of T helper cells among T lymphocytes.

(4) Strong IP Position

Electron-Volt Energy Radiator have been filed for a patent application in a multitude of countries or have been already patented in Korea.


The pending patent applications are anticipated to be patented in the near future..

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Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type MEDICAL DEVICE
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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