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Developing and Exporting of Anti Glaucoma Agent_TAEJOON PHARM Co.,Ltd.
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Developing and Exporting of Anti glaucoma agent
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The core technology of TAEJOON PHARM Co., Ltd. is the method to manufacture the eye drops composite decreasing the side effect of the dry eye syndrome, increasing the solubility, and enabling the treatment of glaucoma. The soluble complex ophthalmic composites including the prostaglandin-series medicine activating the treatment of glaucoma, the polymer material, the surface-active agent, and the preservative and the methods to manufacture them are provided.


n Background and unmet needs


Gaucoma constitutes the various impaired groups due to the increase of the intraocular pressure and is the disease causing the optic atrophy and the visual field defect. It is not single disease but is the impaired group consisting of various aspects showing various clinical and histopathological opinions. It is a generic term of the unique optic nerve disease of the glaucoma caused by the increase of the intraocular pressure and other various risk factors and the aspects showing the visual field defect caused by the death of the retina nerve knot cells.


The therapy of the current prostaglandin-series glaucoma drug is to apply the local administration to the optic mucous membrane. The dry eye syndrome frequently occurred as a side effect. Hence, two medicines such as a glaucoma medicine and artificial lacrima eye drops have been prescribed in parallel. Hence, there are the problems of the inconvenience of using two medicines separately, the increase of expenses, and the trouble of the way of consecutively administering the glaucoma medicine and the artificial lacrima so that the eye drops curing two diseases at a time by resolving it and the new complex eye drops possibly enhancing the effect of preventing the dry eye syndrome need to be developed.


The invention is concerned with helping to cure the dry eye occurring from the latanoprost which is the glaucoma medicine and from the side effect and the dystrophy epithelialis corneae caused by the dry eye and with providing the ophthalmic composite of the new glaucoma complex drug by adding the outstanding polymer material as the role of the medicine reservoir of the latanoprost.



n Discovery and Achievements


The TAEJOON PHARM composite for eye drops application have the enhanced glaucoma curing effect by improving the dry eye syndrome and the outstanding curing effect as well.


It was verified that when the latanoprost and the sodium hyraluronate complex eye drops are applied to a rabbit, the latanoprost has the effect of qualitatively improving the precorneal tear film and promoting the treatment of cornea cut compared to the single application of the latanoprost.

Last Updated Jun 2016
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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