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Early Stage, CIS Pharma Combines Chemistry with Synthetic Biology to Create the Next Generation of Cellophil® Stimulus Responsive Drug Depots.
CIS Pharma AG, Switzerland Switzerland flag Switzerland
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CIS Pharma works on novel Cellophil®-based-multi-stimulus-responsive hydrogel depots which provide a target specific sustained delivery for small molecules as well as protein-drugs.
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By a combination of Cellophil® thermo-responsive polymers with elements sensitive for biological stimuli, a multi-stimulus-responsive drug depot is developed. The hydrogel can be injected at room temperature in a minimal invasive procedure and turns into a solid drug depot once the target side is reached. Cellophil\'s® superior cell attachment properties keep the hydrogel close to the target side. In the three dimensional hydrogel matrix drug loaded Cellophil® micro and nanoparticles are incorporated. The release of the particles can be tuned by the factors like matrix- & particle size, sensitivity of responsive elements and composition of polymeric building blocks. With this the release profile can be adapted to the respective drug and therapeutic needs. After depletion of the payload the hydrogel matrix is removed from the body by biological degradation and excretion via the kidney route.
Last Updated Feb 2019
Technology Type PLATFORM
Phase of Development EARLY STAGE

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