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TriCalm - a Potent and Safe Steroid-free OTC Anti-itch Drug - Cosmederm
Cosmederm Bioscience Inc. United States flag United States
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Non-steroidal gel that alleviates discomfort associated with minor skin irritations
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TriCalm is a steroid-free gel that delivers fast, powerful and temporary relief from itching, burning and stinging. TriCalm's patented strontium based compound, COSMEDERM-7TM, selectively inhibits type C Nociceptors, the specific nerves responsible for sending signals of itching, stinging or burning to the brain. Well-controlled human clinical studies demonstrate that strontium can selectively suppress the symptoms of sensory irritation (stinging, burning and itching) without affecting other cutaneous sensations.

These studies demonstrate also that topically applied strontium can substantially suppress itch caused by a variety of chemical irritants, including histamine, as well as itch triggered by an IgE-medicated allergic response (Type I hypersensitivity) which contributes to the pathogenesis and itching of atopic dermatitis and other itch-associated conditions.
Additionally, reports from physicians suggest that strontium can also rapidly suppress itch caused by delayed-type allergies (DTH - Type IV hypersensitivity) that cause poison ivy/oak/sumac, "jewelry (nickel) allergy"; neuropathy-associated itching caused by healing wounds and would dressing adhesives and other irritating skin conditions.  

TriCalm does not numb the skin, and unlike steroids and topical antihistamines, TriCalm is safe for daily use as needed.

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Last Updated Nov 2014
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