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A Novel System for Vision Correction: One-Card Presbyopia Systems and Related Methods
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The One-Card technique allows LASIK procedures to simultaneously correct both distance vision and presbyopia with a single ablation profile.
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Value Proposition

Traditional LASIK only corrects distance vision, requiring the “aged-eye” to still need reading glasses for close work. A second laser pass procedure is often used to enhance near vision while maintaining distance acuity. Many eye centers now offer a combined Presby-LASIK plus traditional LASIK package to correct both presbyopia and distance vision by “double carding” the two laser ablations. “Double-carding” refers to the prepaid card that physicians buy from the laser company and use to activate the laser machine. However, this “double-card” procedure results in two separate laser procedures, wasting time and money. It also can cause less predictable results because the patient's cornea may become dry between the two laser procedures.

Invention Summary

Researchers have developed a “one-card” technique, allowing LASIK procedures to simultaneously correct distance vision and presbyopia with a single ablation profile. The “one-card” technique mathematically merges the two ablation profiles, allowing both of the patient's vision problems to be corrected at once.

Competitive Benefits

• Cost savings

• Time efficiencies

• Improved patient outcomes and experience

Development Status

• Testing clinically


Keith Walter, MD

Key Words

• LASIK procedure

• Distance vision

• Presbyopia
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Last Updated Mar 2014
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Phase of Development PRECLINICAL

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