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Greater Trochanter Reattachment System
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An implantable device for Greater Trochanter fixation. The particular asymmetrical Y shape of the Y3 plate resists abductor and flexor muscles with a low-profile design to minimize irritation of soft tissue.
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The greater trochanter (GT) serves as an attachment point and lever arm for several muscles, the most important one being the gluteus medius. A common operative or postoperative complication of total hip arthroplasty (THA) is fracture of the GT. Also, osteotomy of the GT is not an infrequent procedure during revision THA. The reduction of this fracture is complicated by the pull of the abductor muscles attached to the GT which exert forces in competition with its alignment.

Some authors believe that the abductors produce posterior-anterior (PA) displacement and rotation (laterally) of the GT fragment during extension movements such as sit-to-stand or stair climbing. Current implants do not provide sufficient resistance to PA induced motion of the GT.

A new trochanteric implant (Y3) has been developed at the research center of Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Montréal, for the treatment of GT fractures. In addition to the classic lateral plate, this new plate splits into a Y-shape with an anterior branch that provides for fixation to the GT with locking screws and/or with cerclage wire. The Y3 device has been evaluated extensively, with several scientific and clinical publications throughout its development.

There are several advantages of the Y3 device over current products. Notably, the unique asymmetrical Y shape of the Y3 plate resists abductor and flexor muscles forces with a low-profile design that minimizes irritation of soft tissues. The oblique angle pattern of the screws (locking and standard) for fixation provides inherent stability of the Y3 plate. The Y3 plate system will reduce the potential for post-operative complications, improve stability of the GT, and increase the success of reattachment of the GT (reduced non-unions).
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