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Multi-molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET): Stem-Cell-Based Cancer Treatment Protocol
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A novel stem-cell-based cancer treatment protocol that increases survivability without added toxicity.
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Statistics show that deaths caused by advanced cancers of all types have not significantly changed over the past ten years. Some cancers, such as lung cancer, have caused rising death rates. Despite the introduction of new chemotherapeutic agents into the market for treating advanced stage malignancies, the patient survival rates have remained relatively constant. Additionally, the potential toxicity of many chemotherapeutic agents can cause additional harm to patients. With these factors in mind, there is a critical need for non-toxic cancer therapies to be developed and commercialized, used either alone or in combination with traditional chemotherapy.

Description of Technology
A client of IP Technology Exchange has developed new protocols for the treatment of cancer that offer:
Prolonged overall survival
No increase to patient toxicity
Quick therapeutic results

This stem-cell-based cancer treatment protocol can modify the transcription of altered genes, dynamically. This approach is unique among cancer treatments, and presently has no direct competition. The Multi-molecular Targeted Epigenetic Therapy (MTET) can be used to treat all cancers, while overcoming disadvantages with current treatments that aggravate cancer stem cells. MTET can therefore prolong patients overall survival. The treatment is relatively non-toxic compared to any available and effective therapy. The treatment's biological response can be monitored through several biomarkers, which can quickly demonstrate improvements in efficacy.

MTET can be used as a monotherapy or as an adjuvant. The use of the protocol as an adjuvant is well suited for:
The improvement of already existing drugs (cytotoxic and targeted therapies)
Drugs approved for one indication that failed another
Approved drugs that do not increase lifespan
Drugs that have transitioned to generic status

Competitive Advantages
The MTET protocol offers the following advantages:
Effectively functions either alone or with other existing cancer treatment strategies
Modifies the transcription of altered genes, dynamically
Quickly and effectively treats all forms of cancer
Does not contribute to toxicity compared to any available and effective cancer therapy
Does not aggravate cancer stem cells, which improves overall patient survival

Clinical Trials
Our client is currently involved with studying MTET and its related protocols in several stages, including animal models and human studies (one Phase II trial, one Phase Ib, and designing another Phase II trial in Glioblastoma).

Type of Business Relationship Sought
Our client is seeking a partner to assist in the continued clinical study, registration, and commercial launch of MTET.
Last Updated May 2018
Technology Type THERAPEUTIC
Phase of Development PHASE 1
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